About Pondering Jen

Thanks so much for being here! Pondering Jen is an old school blog. I write about myself a lot because it’s the only thing in the world I’m an expert on. I also believe that sharing our stories is the only real source of connection and that we can glean tremendously helpful wisdom from listening to each others’ stories. I hope that by sharing mine you are able to find something useful to make your life calmer, happier, brighter, and more connected with those you love.

Jen has been seen on and in HuffPost Live, Parents Magazine, Scary Mommy, Bay State Parent, Natural Parent Magazine, Local News Outlets, many popular blogs and podcasts and was cast to read her writing at the live stage show “Listen to your Mother”. Jen has traveled throughout the country speaking at workshops and conferences.

Living a creative life has been what I dreamed of my whole life. Literally my whole life. I thought it was for other, special people. Every time I wrote I thought it was silly and that it was an irresponsible use of my time. Oof. Isn’t that so sad?

At about 42 I had a serious and horrible mental break down (click here to read). I’ll talk about that a bit on the blog. From that point forward I had to completely rebuild myself. I had to look at the things that were lousy about me and acknowledge the things that are wonderful. I had to work through my past- choices, mistakes, expectations, and so much more. While I would never wish that time on anyone (including myself) I have turned it around and am headed down a scary and exciting path.

As a Voice Over Talent and Podcast Host I am tapping into creativity in a new and public way. Writing though, that’s what I have really always wanted to do. I started this blog to sort of force myself to put stuff out there publicly again. I have learned that women are mostly incredibly supportive and love cheering other women on. Tapping into that power and inspiration is a game-changer.

I am at the very beginning and am not sure where this will go, how long I will keep it up, or how often I will share. According to many, this is doomed for “failure” (whatever that is) because I have no goals or business plan, at least not as many would classify them. I do have goals though- to stay open to what comes next. To be prepared this time when opportunity knocks. I’m not a new-age hippy but I am wise enough to know that the best-laid plans often don’t take us where we want to go.

Thank you for being here.