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It’s Okay to Turn it Off and Tune Out, It Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Care

There is so much scary in the world right now. Add on any normal life challenges and it feels impossible, doesn’t it?

I’m reminding myself that there are very few things I can do about most of it. I wear my mask when needed. I’m donating to animal sanctuaries located in areas where the fires are.

I look at the pictures of San Francisco. I see images of animals who may not be saved. It’s nearly unbearable. What to do?

I’m reminding myself that it’s okay to turn it off and tune it out. Me reading about these horrors ad nauseam isn’t helpful to anyone and it’s destructive to me and therefore my family.

I used to think not sleeping and worrying instead was an obligation. I used to think busying my kids with an activity so I could saturate myself with details and accounts was a way to show I care. It isn’t though.

Right now, we are taking care of our sweet, sick piggy. I am supporting my daughter through that reality. We have other stuff going on. Stuff that’s less global, but are also big, big things in our world- the only world we always live in.

I’m reminding myself that as much as it sucks and no matter how I wish it were different, there is nothing I can do about the fires. There’s nothing more I can do about the virus.

What I can do, what I always come back to, is loving my family and being as kind as I’m able to those who are also feeling all these big things.

Maybe that means letting someone win a power struggle I was never involved in. Maybe it means taking a few things off my to do list to do something fun and unexpected with my kids. Maybe it means not giving the finger to the guy who cut me off on purpose 😬.

Focusing on making my little world as beautiful as possible is okay even in times like these. It will feel heavier. I’m not sure there’s any way around that. I can still do all I can -still should do all I can- to keep finding beauty and sharing it with those around me, especially my kids. It’s amazing what a difference that can make… not just in my world, but in the whole world.

If you’re feeling sad, overwhelmed, happy, or grateful, and feel like it, share something beautiful in the comments. A photo, a moment, a song, a thought. If you are up for it, notice if it helps you feel any different.

For all of you living beneath the apocalyptic looking skies right now, there are no words. I am thinking of you, loving you, and waiting for the wonderful word to be stated over and over again that each fire has been contained.


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