Not everyone wants to opt out of remote learning but it is an option for those who feel it’s not good for their child.

Our society and economy are built on schools functioning as expected. I have no desire to change or challenge that. This means we need free public schools to function as a society. I totally understand that.

There are children who are better being at school than at home for various reasons. Those reasons are mostly heartbreaking.

Not everyone wants to homeschool. I get and support that.

I was just in a mom’s group though and a mom shared that she had no idea we could opt out of remote learning. Reading those words made me feel so sad.

You can’t irresponsibly opt out of remote learning. You can’t expect to ignore law and be free from consequences and implications. But, you can opt out of remote learning.

I worry that we have become so accustomed to sending children to school that we forget they are our children. Of course you can opt out of remote learning! Responsibly, though.

I wouldn’t normally post something like this. Under regular times there are just too many reasons to follow the system. These are not normal times, though. We have been forced out of the normal system.

Our Kids Well Being is Valuable

Having our families function well is important. It’s valuable. Taking care of our kids’ hearts and helping them have the most loving and warm Coronavirus experience as possible is important. Maybe that includes remote learning.

If it doesn’t though, please remember that taking care of your child so they come out of this whole might be the greatest thing we parents can contribute during this time.

This is not easy work. It takes a lot out of us- lots of thought, consideration, time, connection. Don’t be surprised though if you find it becoming less work, that it just keeps getting easier. Don’t worry that you’re doing it wrong just becauase it is easier or smoother. Lots of us who home/unschool had the same experience when we started.

Now, we are all looking at months and months of being together around the clock. You may find that you actually can stand being with your kids all day 🙂  You may find that you like it more than you thought.

Some Other Things You Might Find, Remote Learning or Not

You may find that your kids are getting bored with “screens” and that candy remains in your home much longer than you’d ever thought possible. You may find your kids more rested than they’ve ever been or that they are helping out more than you’ve ever seen.

I’m not suggesting this will happen for everyone and I may be really out of touch. Also, the anxiety and missing social connections are hard to accommodate.

Know though that if life feels easier and you find yourself thinking something must be wrong because you’re used to living in tension and schedule enforcing, it might just be that you are starting to learn how to live together. It might just be that you are finding a rhythm that works for your family- a rhythm that works for each of you and is based on people rather than a public school system.

It’s Not Long Term, So How About the Now?

For most of you, your kids will go back to school. This is only temporary. For most, making a long-term change to home/unschooling isn’t realistic. (Click here to read how we got started. )

We are living in the now, though. Even with all the kookiness of what’s happening if you find yourself feeling lighter, happier, and more connected and relaxed it doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong. It may just mean you’ve taken this opportunity to figure out what works for each of you and as a family.

If you have noticed that things are smoother- possibly more beautiful at home, maybe you can savor this just a little bit more, and consider how to incorporate them into “normal” life, once we go back. And we will go back.



As for remote learning, just because we are so used to school being a requirement of functional society, it doesn’t mean we cannot opt out for now. Just remember that if you choose to opt out to do it responsibly.

Above all though, remember that helping our kids have the most loving and warm coronavirus experience as we can is a valuable thing we parents contribute to this effort. It is important. It takes intention, gratitude, and remaining level-headed, but when our kids looks back on this time as cozy and connected we will be so glad we chose it, if we are able.

Author’s Note: I want to acknoweldge the privilege I have and the privilege most would have to have to be able to use words like “warm” and “loving” in the context of this time period. I haven’t written regularly becuase I don’t know how to write about my experiences and share my thoughts while adjusting for my privilege. I want to write. So for now I will acknoweldge my privilege and keep learning better ways to incorporate it. 

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