We should celebrate the wisdom, growth, and experiences that we gain each year. I am not dreading turning 40, I am finally turning 40!

Do you ever have those moments when you look in the mirror and do not  recognize the person looking back at you? I had one the other day. I have had them before, and they usually scare me. The person in the mirror looks older, unfamiliar. The woman who stares back at me is somebody I do not know.

The other day though, it was different. As I stood at the bathroom counter drying my hair, I knew exactly who was standing there in front of me. I had been getting to know her for a couple of years, intentionally. I had been paying attention to what she thinks, what she believes.  I had started listening to her, instead of everybody else.

finally turning 40This has uncovered a confidence in me that I had not before had- one that allows me to chat with abandon, and worry less about whether my stomach is properly disguised. It permits me to move through life as myself.  This is different. It is beautiful and authentic. It has been a transformation.

Turning 40 is a Gift

As I found my eyes in the mirror on a random Thursday morning, I realized; this year I turn forty. Forty. It is an age dreaded by many, it seems- at least according to party decor and magazine headlines. For me though, it is an age that has finally come; one that means confidence and self assurance, a time to be celebrated for its self knowledge.

My life has transformed; from anxiety ridden aplogizer to authentic embracer of life. My body is transforming from lethargic, difficult to move and aging, to energetic and healing.

I reflected on this as I moved the brush through my hair, and the realization was undeniable; I am entering my 40th year happier and healthier than I have ever been. In my whole life. I suspect that many of us are, or would be if we were not told to expect otherwise.

This is not the end of a transformation, rather I have prepped and fueled my body and mind for what comes next- for all the  thought, beauty, exploration, and acceptance that turning 40 brings. Now I am ready to receive it, to embrace it, to celebrate it.

I am not dreading turning forty. I am finally turning forty

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