Wholehearted Self-Love for Women

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Self-love. It’s a big topic and a popular term right now (yay!). But what does it mean and how do you get it?

There are so many people out there offering great (and some not so great) ways of exploring this. There are also some folks trying to teach it. Personally, I believe it can only be learned. Through various resources and tools, we can start to think about what self-love looks like to us, how we can get it, and how it can positively shift our lives.

Wholehearted self-love for women is a set of carefully curated tools for women who want to love themselves more. There is no teaching. No right or wrong. No pressure. No “have-tos”. No “shoulds”. This is your experience- it is my belief this is the only way we can attain real, true, self-love.

I have come to believe that Wholehearted Self-Love is the only way we can find calm, connection, and clear-headedness. This offering an exploration of how to find it.

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I became passionate about this subject after my own mental breakdown forced me to examine how I was living my life- what was making me happy? What was I doing that actually took care of myself?

The answer was surprising. It wasn’t bubble baths and mani/pedis. It was things like changing my self-talk, eating what I wanted, wearing comfortable clothes, and learning about the myths of diet culture. Increasing my worth has changed my whole life. Click here to read my story.

There are many great resources and they can be overwhelming. If you’d like to jump in with us, enter your e-mail info below and I will be in touch. I hope we connect soon. <3

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